Monday, January 28, 2013

HRM in Developing Countries; ASEAN’s Future International Business Challenge

The ASEAN’s plan in developing the country members with its Human Resource go together with the International business growth and development in the region.  Human Resource must be sanctioned with the International Communities and Organization to achieve the work output standard in the region.  


Having said in my previous blog regarding e-learning, Educational Institutions must collaborate to one another in achieving a unanimous quality output of human capital.  Indeed, companies in ASEAN region as well must collaborate with Universities to apply the usefulness of research from the young minds inside the Universities.  Human Capital in the next decade requires a vigorous knowledge proficiency to interpret the complexity of task in the future human resource task.

1. Review and study the current cultural acceptance and role of HR in the organization. By this way, HR importance towards the organization can be evaluated as to how the human resource is given importance in the organizational success.

2. Challenging the theories of HRM in an ASEAN setting is the most interesting part of human resource growth in the region. Most of the theories being used in HRM are based from foreign research that the variance of culture and way of life will affect the overall credibility of the HRM.

3. Cross-cultural nature of human interactions in organizations in developing countries is also a concern not only to the present situation but for the future of ASEAN HRM as well.  As the International Trade and Business are becoming globally connected HRM must have a parallel structure of collaboration.

4. ASEAN HRM and the foreign shareholders must have a constructive understanding in attaining a world class product output.

Writing Preparation for Public Relation

Preparing your ideas in any given speech or PR news is an important step in completing your PR writing task.  Even though you are working in a small scale business, multi-national company, or the media itself; preparing your writing document focused to your audience is a primary technique for PR writing.

Some effective techniques for PR writing presentation are the following:

1. Your writing must have specific purpose- this implies to your desired audience or readers who will read your article.  Your desired purpose must reflect to your writing content.

2. Audience Analysis- is a technique of investigating your readers or listeners prior to your article writing and your post publication.  This way you can evaluate the after effect of your message written in your article.

3. Organize your writing- implies to your main ideas employed to your article writing.  Furthermore, your ideas are referred from your audience analysis and evaluation.

4. Using Reference- implies the use of supporting details from real facts and events.  In this way it will allow your article to be more credible and trust worthy.

5. Delivering your article must be effective knowing that your objective towards your audience is positive.  If the outcome of your message article is negative, re-evaluate the process to re-check the discrepancy to upgrade the next process of your article writing.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Importance of Research Writing in Business Marketing & Innovation

A unanimous laymen’s conception believes that research writing is more of university and academic task while marketing is a practical and real world “guerilla” strategy business approach.   But with the modern marketing approach, research data plays an important role in the decision making of today’s business management. Thus, Research Writing is a vital part in accomplishing market research.  To give some insights of the fundamental parts of research writing, this article will serve as a conceptual key for further intuitive ideas.

    A.      Defining your project objective and title- clear objectives of your research writing must in line with the marketing problem defined from the actual observation.  In this way research questions can be properly answered accordingly.
    B.      Method of the research or what we commonly known as research methodology- relates to what kind of statistical approach that must be used for the furtherance of the investigation.  Using the right method will allow the market research observation right in terms of its output data.
    C.      Participants of the research or the respondents of the study are also a big factor and concern in terms of correct research output.
    D.      Sampling- is getting the amount of research participants for sample size consideration
    E.       Making interview- is the actual contact of the researcher and the respondents.  Interviews can be individual or focus group depending upon the method of the research.    
    F.       Right analysis and measurement of data must be considered to avoid erroneous output of conclusion
    G.     Research code of ethics- ethical standards in research must be patterned to uplift the professionalism of market research.

Basing from the above key concepts, the art of research writing is the only way to scientifically relate the actual business market into a more concrete and exact academic language.  Having said that, further business plans and implementations will be more accurate and statistically based decisions.

Utilizing the Value of Brand Equity: A Philip Kotler Approach

Creating a reliable brand name requires time and capital to build the value of the company and its product towards the consumers.  Marketing in the 21st century demands a reliable brand name to survive the modern competitive world of business marketing.  Maximizing the value of the product considers four strategic brand management processes in order to express the value of the product to the different consumer segments.

      1.       Identifying brand positioning- knowing your strategic formation to start your marketing operation is an important factor to any start-up marketing operation.  Looking back the history of, selling books online is not a lucrative marketing idea in the past.  But as Amazon Company realize the important role of internet in the 21st century marketing, Thus, Amazon is still enjoying the profitable strategic marketing style until today by distributing their products throughout the globe using the aid of internet in a global supply chain management.

      2.       Planning and implementing the brand- must be considered in a long range marketing analysis.  As such, Coca-cola company are always considering the long range effect of their brand positioning not to create conflict with the variety of cultures in a global setting.

      3.       Constant measurement of performance allows the R&D department to calculate the alternative marketing moves if any marketing discrepancy will arise.  Measuring the performance in a regular manner will show the effectiveness of the marketing strategy being imposed by the company.  To give an analogy, RIM of BlackBerry Company is always active with their technology research to compete the fast movement of the Internet mobile industry of today.

      4.       Brand value and Brand Positioning must go in a parallel manner were in the value of the company’s product depends upon the market positioning of the Company applied to their product’s actual marketing strategy. The product Mountain Dew for example, needs a comfortable market position towards its target market to maintain a constant market relationship and value towards the market segment.  Creating events for young X-games players sponsored by Mountain Dew will constantly hold the value of Mountain Dew to the priority target market.

Above all, creating and maintaining brand equity depends upon the quickness of any given company in attending any new marketing challenges that will arise in the 21st century marketing.  Moreover, research and innovation must be considered to competitively out-date the existing technologies in the actual market. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Effectiveness of B2B Marketing : Accenture Case Sample

Accenture Company (Andersen Consulting) started in 1942 as an accounting company.  During that time the company is not so popular with its accounting services worldwide. Arthur Andersen is having a hard time enforcing the brand and company awareness of Accenture.  But during the internet domination in year 2000, the company started to cater more segments of its services. 

During that time Accenture covered 47 countries with 200 languages worldwide.  The Company started to revolutionize their global market using the IT infrastructure to reach the worldwide services.  On the contrary, Mc Kinsey group are also stealing the market share of Accenture, but even with all the highly specialize services of Mc Kinsey Group, Accenture Company still survive the market. Accenture Company further hired Tiger Woods to portray the precision and professionalism of the Company.

To analyze, why before the internet “boom” in 2000, Accenture can hardly identify its market segment?   B2B which stands for Business-to-Business derives the idea that the buyers in B2B model business is not involving only one buyer who will decide for the purchase for the product service but rather it involves the whole company.

Business Buying Process Participants:
   1.       Initiators- are part of the company’s stakeholders who will request the company to buy product or service for the efficient operation of the company.
   2.       Users- are the workers using the product being purchased initiated by the “Initiators”.
   3.       Influencers-These are the workers in the company who will convince the top management to buy the product or service for the company operation.
   4.       Deciders- Usually involves the top level management, the involved department in purchasing the product, and the Purchasing Department.
   5.       Approvers- Top level management and accounting department
   6.       Buyers- Purchasing Department
   7.       Gatekeepers- are the people who will decide which company can supply the product and service for the company.  Usually, Purchasing Department is in charge for this task with the reference from the actual department who needs the product or service and the top level management.

With this regard, Accenture recognizes this company or organizational process of buying in which the company improvises their marketing strategy for organizational approach of selling.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Integration of Business & Psychology: A Combination of Freud, Maslow, & Hersberg’s Theories

Business and marketing approach of today considers mainly to the natural behavior of humans.  Business researchers are using the variables of human’s natural behavior to integrate the intended product to be sold.  To understand fully the application of psychological study the following discussions of theories will give the readers the view of theories from Freud, Maslow, & Hersberg.

Freud’s Theory Applied to Business and Marketing:

The fundamental belief of Freud’s theory applied to business centers on the natural and unconscious instincts of human beings.  By theory, the general population point of view is subject to the overall population’s buying behavior and preference.  Certainly, business alike must use the data and information to gauge the actual market behavior towards the given product.   If the information results gathered have a negative impact to the given business, motivating the market to buy the product using other marketing and PR techniques must be adhered.  

Maslow’s Theory Applied to Business and Marketing:
Though the theory of Maslow is similarly related with Freud’s Theory in terms of natural and unconscious instincts of human beings, Maslow’s Theory on the other hand segments the public market through its natural needs by different levels.  Furthermore, other Psychologist and Business Analyst argued that the theory of Maslow must not be in an order or in a hierarchy manner in the sense that different people projects their own self-actualization needs.

Herzberg’s Theory Applied to Business and Marketing:
A simple and natural classification of marketing behavior from the theory of Herzberg suggests that general public market is only classified by dissatisfiers & satisfiers.  The modern approach of marketing research disproves this theory because market segments can emerge in any time due to the constant change of human sociological behavior.
Finally, we can conceive that all the three theories respect the natural existence of humans in the midst of the modern business market society of today.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Marketing in Times of Economic Turbulence

As marketing concepts are becoming more advanced and saturated, world economic stability is also in the brink of its fiscal cliff.   How can marketing strategy help companies increase their sales when the concept of marketing is contradicting to the fundamental principles of economics?  Marketing strategists are exercising their full potentials to salvage the devastating effect of the euro and US fiscal tragedy.   

Some fundamental strategies may help to ease the tension in the marketing side of business:

 1. Guarding your market segment- is a way of making sure that you have secured loyal customers that will not only buy and support your product but also advertise your merchandise.

 2. Apply the “Push” marketing strategy to counter act the head winds of the economic fiscal cliff.

 3. Regularly monitor your customer buying behavior to avoid product shifting of customers

 4. Add more monetary capital for marketing department to mobilize the marketing plan efficiently.

 5. Let your customer feel that your product is safer in terms of maintaining services and product maintenance compared to other products in times of economic difficulties.

 6. Evaluate marketing programs that is redundant and ineffective that will result to added expense to the department.

 7. Never give discount to your brands if necessary, it will give a negative connotation towards the quality and standard of the product.  If you can uphold the profit margin by continuing your price standards then stick to it.
 8. Select your best products to represent your company and Invest more on it. 

Marketing Management an Art or a Science?

Complex approaches in marketing strategy develop the fuzzy source of idea in marketing management whether marketing is an art or a science.   We can observe the crisscrossing of theories from different marketing researchers from international universities around the globe developing conflicting ideas which will sometimes affect international business decision making. 

In the contrary these theories contributed by researchers are also the building blocks in any advance innovation related to marketing strategy.  Viewing the different definitions of marketing from different researchers, marketing management can be also an Art and sometimes a Science.  

To give some cases involving marketing as an art, we can cite the case study of Virgin group owed by Richard Branson.   We can say that the Virgin group marketing strategy is beyond the fundamental theories found in any marketing theories and marketing textbook. Branson’s erratic PR activities, like deep sea diving proves that marketing is an Art.   

Likewise, we can also relate such event done by Branson as part of a scientific PR publicity that can be related to any theories prepared by marketing scholars.  Indeed, a correct definition of marketing as an Art and marketing as a Science must be correctly addressed to avoid errors in any research definitions.  Most modern marketing strategy today includes an artistic approach to promote a unique concept away from the orthodox theories prepared by researchers in universities. 

  Certainly, we can say at this time that marketing strategy is an Art when the marketing or PR move is still new and the exact definition does not exist in any academic research or textbook.  Speaking of application effective results, marketing through art is more risky, but marketing through science is more conservative and yet redundant in terms of theory application. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Managing the Marketing Communication in the 21st Century

Communicating to customers these days needs a holistic approach of delivering the message of a given product to the general public. The modern Marketing Management approach of Kotler is widely used as the scientific pattern to define the versatility of modern consumers today.  Marketing communication in a general definition describes the personal connection of the customer towards the product, in other words, product penetration today is more of the customer’s lifestyle fusing the product to the daily routine of the customer.   Indeed, if this objective will be realized in every target market group then customer loyalty can be easily obtained.  

To give some concrete example, Motorola Company in Hong Kong International Airport is giving a free service to all the passengers to send messages via digital billboards before their relatives will board the plane, the emotional moment of a given family will give the company a chance to contribute help to people for free in times of “family goodbyes” this concept of advertising can camouflage the real motive of the company.  People are so emotional that sometimes companies are touching this weak area of human behavior.  Such that, emotions affects communication; therefore actual customers of Motorola in Hong Kong has an inclination to purchase the Motorola brand.  

Moreover, communication platforms must be considered in the value chain.  To mention some; advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relation and Publicity, Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word-of-mouth Marketing, and Personal Selling must have the holistic definition or concept of the product and the company to synchronize the business communication of a given company.  Different theoretical models are being respected to realize the response of customers towards the company.

AIDA Model
AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.  This model respects the versatile behavior of consumer were in consumers must experience continuously the comfort of service given by the company. From the attention stage of the customer until the action of buying the merchandise, company must always emphasize the real objective and mission of the company.

Hierarchy-of-Effects Model
Hierarchy of effect model starts from the awareness of consumer, knowledge of consumer towards the product, the liking stage of consumer towards the product, the preference stage of the consumer to buy the product, conviction of consumer to willingly buy the product, and lastly the act of purchasing the product.

Innovation-Adoption Model
Innovation-Adoption Model specifies the importance of consumer knowledge towards the product to allow the consumer to easily use the product based from its knowledge acquired.  From awareness of consumer towards the product, interest of consumer towards the unique innovation of the product, evaluation of consumer towards the product by applying the practicality and usefulness to the daily activity of the buyer, evaluation and trial usage of consumer, and finally the integrated adoption of product to consumers behavior.

Communications Model
Communication model starts by exposing the product to the public market, the positive or negative reception of product by the consumer, cognitive response of consumer, integration of product to the attitude of consumer, getting the attention of the consumer towards the product, and combining the product to the behavior of the consumer.
Finally, if target consumers can follow the continuum mentioned above; following the cognitive stage, affective stage, and behavior stage then consumer product behavior integration can be realized by the company allowing a strong consumer loyalty towards the company and above all the product.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog advertising; A Savvy Technique for E-marketing

Multinational companies like Unilever and Proctor and Gamble are enjoying the cheap services of Blog Advertising.  New products like shampoo, laundry soap, et al. are conveniently posted through different product review blogs around the globe.  

Blog advertising is more convenient for the companies to advertise their products knowing that the independent blogger who represent the company or product in a given country knows the cultural background of the country and the overall current ethical standards of the place.  Referring to my previous blog that mobile computing is the hub of e-marketing of the future; people can easily receive updates of the products of Unilever or Proctor & Gamble through their smart phones.  A micro level of e-market analysis reveals that independent bloggers usually write a blog of the product according to the trends around the community of bloggers.   The unique bond of bloggers creates a certain level of belief that will indirectly affect the product.  If the future of blog advertising will virally dominate the world of media and entertainment, multinational companies will have a hard time segmenting the world market without the help of the different search engines and blog website companies.  Bloggers on the other hand has the skill of maximizing its expertise in using the SEO in advertising the product.

Product Samples from Proctor & Gamble and Unilever:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Portable Hard Drive Storage and Cloud Storage; The Future Scarcity in the World of Cyber Knowledge Management

Almost all our jobs and even simple kindergarten school work today are all done by computer related equipments.  Most of the computer electronic task must be saved in certain storage to be able to keep the data for later usage.  

This simple encoding and saving data into small memory hard drives is not enough in the near future, huge server farms are needed like the “google farm” to store a macro level of data allowing an international crunching of gathered knowledge for business, science, education, medicine, and other faculties involved.  Even in my daily work this time all my documents are stored in my mini drive that sometimes more memory are needed to store my e-documents were by I need to save my works in the “cloud storage” of google or what we commonly call “google drive”.  Furthermore, portable hard drives in the future will be more expensive compared to the actual computer machines of today, Indeed, Engineers are finding ways to maximize the space of the hard drive my embracing the technology of “Nano”.  

This Nano technology will allow the physical size of the portable hard drive to be smaller and lighter with an enormous space for storing data.  I’m not discussing the technical side of Nano, but to my idea Nano is purposely created to upgrade the power of the modern Portable Hard Drive Storage.  To give some brands, Western Digital Company is a manufacturing Company producing Hard Drives with different variety for different job specifications. To give some; Desktop drives, Desktop drives for Mac, Portable drives, Portable drives for Mac, Personal Cloud Storage, Backup Solutions, storage for tablet, Rugged case.

Brilliantly, this company will dominate in the future if they will continue their innovative production in the segment of Hard Drive Storage.  If other companies will not invest in the business of cyber storage, then in the future of computing there will be no more room for storing the world data.  Universities in the future will not use paper anymore but huge servers for each faculty or departments for data storage.  

Businesses alike will link with universities through research and the usage of the infrastructure of the data system and data servers of the universities link to the R&D departments of the negotiated company. When the time comes, human knowledge represented by the University will be closer to the actual business task accomplished by the Company.
May it be that in the future data knowledge storage will not be a problem for computing.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Scientific wonder of my Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and my True Coffee; A blogger's Vitamins

Weekends is my time for my blog reading and writing.  Reading and meeting my blogger friends across the internet is the modern socialization in the 21st century.  Some Psychologist argued that internet socializing is not healthy...but for me its a wonderful reason to take my Vitamins...  Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & my True Coffee is the Vitamins for bloggers that I can suggest to finish your blogs for the day.  In my later blogs I will feature the exemplar internet service of TRUE COFFEE.  But this blog is just a warm-up blog for my blogger friends around the world.

Spend the day blogging and you will experience the unique friendship of the 21st century.

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