Microsoft to Acquire Nook Tablet

Microsoft is trying to find its tablet partner by acquiring the Nook Tablet.  What is wrong with Microsoft Company, they are the first OS that changed the consumer perspective towards the usage of computer.  

From different Microsoft OS upgrades, consumers start to feel the monopoly of Bill Gates as he tries to remodel his OS services.  If we look back how Mr. Gates negotiated with IBM and other multi level computer companies, it seems that during the time of IBM days, Mr. Gates proved to the world that computer hardware companies must respect companies creating the OS products.  

But on the contrary, at present it seems that Microsoft is feeling uncomfortable of looking for hardware companies (tablets et al.) to install their Microsoft OS’s.  Is it possible that Microsoft OS product is not the first choice for PC OS now a days?  Obviously, if we consider the mobile internet industry, iOS and Android are dominating the market segment.  

Even Nokia mobile company is trying to remodel their production and marketing strategy by focusing their OS system with Asha and Lumia.  So what is the real score of Microsoft in acquiring Nook tablet, in furtherance of my analysis we can say that tablet consumers are generally using applications for their tablet PC.  

Take for example if I have my Facebook account, it is much easier to open my account by pressing the APP than by opening the browser and typing the URL.  Therefore, if Nook Company will agree to make business with Microsoft, do you think Nook consumers will be satisfied in using the app services offered by Microsoft?  Anyhow, that remains to be seen.  The consumer will give the whole final judgment what tablet PC to buy this season.