Facebook needs a Map: “Waze App” Map

Facebook is trying to acquire the App Waze to compete with google map application.  Map application is so useful in the mobile internet industry taking into account the nature of tech savy consumer population of today. 

  Bloggers and other tech related jobs are requiring each person representing the job to continuously connect with the internet to satisfy their work assignment for the day.  Take for example if a sales representative will do his or her visiting hours checking product stocks to some designated  point of sale locations,  it is but easier for the manager to control and monitor the movement not only to one sales representative but to all the sales force of the marketing department.  

Locating key points of a city like, finding the food centers or shopping centers is an important aspect for any tourist.  That is why the GPS system is so relevant not only to the tourism industry but also to the aspect of supply chain in real business situations. 

  As to the case of Facebook who is trying to purchase Waze that raised $30 million dollars in 2011, Facebook Company saw the lucrative future of mobile mapping application.  But on the contrary, Google is exploring not only city centers but moving their intelligence in mapping towards the inner oceans and space.  

Real time mapping in the future is the aim for any social media company.  More to that, real time mapping with 3D animation would be an interesting technology to experience.