The idea of Evil; Emmanuel Kant’s View

What is evil? And what is the right definition of evil.  If we think deeply the concept of evil we can roughly explain that an evil person is an individual who is not abiding the laws, norms, and culture of the society.  But is the law right enough that we can say the person is an evil person?  Every country around the world are ruled by law, these laws are being debated by intellectual minds to make sure that the laws being imposed by a given country is fair enough for every citizen to follow.  

An evil ideology of one country might be a righteous norm in another country.  This dilemma will create the conflict of ideas that will eventually confuse the public especially those people that are always transit in their way of life.  Globalization is far reachable if people around the world are confused with the definition of evil.  Kant further discusses the reality that is affecting mankind. People will start to change the definition of evil when the moral setting of society will change.  Society’s change of culture depends upon the gradual acceptance of personal thinking and behavior.   

This gradual acceptance will become a reality of life, thus reality of life will mold the true meaning of humanity and goodness.  Further inference of Kant points out to the definition of radical evil, this stage will not only disturb the individuals way of life but it will exaggerate to other people and the community’s freedom of living.  A concept or a behavior is evil if we mirror the defined evil character towards the accepted moral values of the land.    Nature of morality will change through times, along the change of morality beliefs and cultural norms will gradually fit to the right and accepted social values.  

To further analyze the factors that make the change of moral values and the idea of evil, let me highlight the old analogy of bloodletting.  Long time ago if a person is sick of any kind and the Medical practitioner cannot fully diagnose the real health problem of the person, bloodletting will be initiated next to satisfy the belief that the bacteria or virus will literally separate from the human body.  This medical concept today is not accepted in the field of medical research.  Thus, concepts and values will change when new behavior of variables will dominate the general population and eventually change the existing theory being practiced.  In the long run, science and technology will change the definition of evil and morality.  

At present, there are things in life that can be morally right but in the future it’s an idea of evil and immorality.  Science and technology can change the nature of evil and morality proving the reality of the hypothesized notions at hand.  Revolutionizing the present society through scientific research and technological advancement will automatically change the minds of the society and the values practiced.  Laws of the land are being rectified and reinstated to make sure that laws are just towards the general public.  As the nations around the world are becoming united in all faculties of life, changing definitions of ideologies for the betterment of society is the true meaning of modern morality allowing to isolate the real definition of evil.