Portable Hard Drive Storage and Cloud Storage; The Future Scarcity in the World of Cyber Knowledge Management

Almost all our jobs and even simple kindergarten school work today are all done by computer related equipments.  Most of the computer electronic task must be saved in certain storage to be able to keep the data for later usage.  

This simple encoding and saving data into small memory hard drives is not enough in the near future, huge server farms are needed like the “google farm” to store a macro level of data allowing an international crunching of gathered knowledge for business, science, education, medicine, and other faculties involved.  Even in my daily work this time all my documents are stored in my mini drive that sometimes more memory are needed to store my e-documents were by I need to save my works in the “cloud storage” of google or what we commonly call “google drive”.  Furthermore, portable hard drives in the future will be more expensive compared to the actual computer machines of today, Indeed, Engineers are finding ways to maximize the space of the hard drive my embracing the technology of “Nano”.  

This Nano technology will allow the physical size of the portable hard drive to be smaller and lighter with an enormous space for storing data.  I’m not discussing the technical side of Nano, but to my idea Nano is purposely created to upgrade the power of the modern Portable Hard Drive Storage.  To give some brands, Western Digital Company is a manufacturing Company producing Hard Drives with different variety for different job specifications. To give some; Desktop drives, Desktop drives for Mac, Portable drives, Portable drives for Mac, Personal Cloud Storage, Backup Solutions, storage for tablet, Rugged case.

Brilliantly, this company will dominate in the future if they will continue their innovative production in the segment of Hard Drive Storage.  If other companies will not invest in the business of cyber storage, then in the future of computing there will be no more room for storing the world data.  Universities in the future will not use paper anymore but huge servers for each faculty or departments for data storage.  

Businesses alike will link with universities through research and the usage of the infrastructure of the data system and data servers of the universities link to the R&D departments of the negotiated company. When the time comes, human knowledge represented by the University will be closer to the actual business task accomplished by the Company.
May it be that in the future data knowledge storage will not be a problem for computing.