Learning for Free in an online World

The biggest hurdle for almost all students is the access of education.  If we want a good education normally the student and its family members will spend a lot of its monetary capital and time to let one family member to finish a degree in University.  But with the new technology of online free learning, students can freely connect to professors and learn from the offered educational standard given.  With this concept, the orthodox way of testing the student in letting the student to choose the right answer or let the student answer “yes and no” will soon be gone.  

Thus, the internet is the reference for e-education and e-learners.  Students are more required to answer with their logical concepts and ideas allowing them to create new things that are out of the contemporary.  A cyber academy is being tested in US to know the unique result of e-learning.  The e-academy has its physical building but students from different levels will visit the e-academy and stay in a room where they can relax in the couch and start communicating with their virtual teachers.  This way students can comfortable exercise their own conceptual style and be able to develop a new findings that can be of help to the community.  

So where can the online education center finds its monetary funding?  Maybe later these years the system for e-education will be more systematic in terms of monetary funding and capital assets. If this program will be accepted in the new age of free online education, graduates will be given a formal degree same with the graduates who are attending inside the class.  More to that, companies both profit and non-profit will start to invest and contribute their liquid capitals were learners will be employed later after the educational degree is finished.  Major reorganization of the educational concept will realize the future of free education.  Different educational methods can be transferred and cloned to the free e-education platform were by different educational standards from different universities will still be of use.  

Quoting from the sound bites of Professor Kaku, that in the future personal computers and smartphones will become cheaper and cheaper to the point that the value of the files inside the computer is higher compared to the value of the computer.  Laptop computers & smart phones are the basic tools for education in the future; it’s like a kindergarten that must have a pencil, pencil case, and a rubber eraser.  All of these electronic gadgets are a fundamental requirement of the future of education.  

Likewise, we can also conceptualize that students of the future are more research oriented applying the theories gathered from the different internet platforms and building unique concept for the future of mankind.   If the present educational system will not embrace the era of e-learning and e-education, in the future education itself cannot be reliable as reference in the next problem of the world community.  Indeed, population is exploding, different segments of ideology are coming out…managing all these modern concepts needs the computerization of all the stored educational knowledge.  In the future basic education is free, but concepts and innovation are so valuable owing to the constant and rapid upgrading of global technologies.