GANGNAM STYLE! a dance craze that rocks the internet media (a PR analysis integrating to the practical marketing theories)

Recently these few months the viral stream of GANGNAM STYLE dance in YouTube and other social media networks increase in viewers tremendously that its popularity reach to the Internet media in Hollywood down to Europe, Asia and middle east. The amazing increase in popularity attracts most of the PR professionals’ attention and living a question to the minds of the marketing does the GANGNAM DANCE popularity started and how the craze increase rapidly across the optic highway.  

In analyzing, theories of Clark & Hallahan will be considered to view the GANGNAM craze in a more concrete explanation using the theories discussed.  The core important concepts of motivation, ability, and opportunity direct a person to mimic the activity or rather imitate the dance style in a simple requirement of ability & skill and with a huge chance of performing the dance style in any event.  With this regards the popularity of the dance style created a ripple effect to the Internet media world.  Thus, if we consider this dance style as an example of disseminating and spreading the popularity of any given product through the optic highways of the Internet, advertising in the centuries to come will demand a different approach but still follows the fundamental pattern of Motivation-Ability-Opportunity Model.  Consumer behavior will vary its wants but the basic process of buying behavior drives back to the fundamental pattern of the theory.
Furthermore, The GANGNAM dance style covers a wider area of viewers considering the theory of knowledge and involvement of the general public.  Even a given individual has low and high involvement or low and high knowledge.  This new style of dance craze can cover the four aspects of consumer behavior which are public awareness, public activeness, public inactiveness, and public arousal.  Through all of this, involvement of the public covers a bigger number of the population due to the fact that the skill required is minimal and the knowledge formulation exerted by a given person is limited.  In short the GANGNAM style dance is easy to learn without requiring any fundamental skills of dancing.  Indeed, the spreading of the dance craze across nations depicts the versatility of the dance style allowing the alternate strategies in communicating to the general public.
Likewise, companies are using the dance fever to communicate the public through their company’s respective CSR programs.  The fact that the general public is aware about the GANGNAM dance style, it is much easier for the companies to reach their consumers thoughts and emotional feelings noting that the aim of the companies is to inform the whole stakeholders regarding their new products, programs, and motives towards the general public. The stakeholders as a whole will usually give the poll of the company’s complete public performance standard.  Such that, using any popular dance craze will agitate the enthusiasm of the public not only to participate but to join the company’s future CSR programs.   As PR department of the company, one must know the popular activity of the public to use it as a bridge to the minds of the people in delivering the company’s mission and vision towards the customers and the public.