Water Inundation; Water Dehydration

Every time I go to the gym for my routine cardio and muscle workout, bottled water is always an option in quenching my thirst.  Every earth citizens who exert body energy needs water to hydrate the water content of the body.  The world today is full of water, from Antarctica to the high seas of Indian and Pacific Ocean, water is enormous that it can devastate the southern part of the world.  ASEAN’s main problem of water directs to the scarce resource of clean drinking water, but with a massive supply of non-drinking contaminated water.  The continent of Africa and the ASEAN countries suffer much of this problem due to the lack of technological expertise in converting non-drinking water to drinking water.  In this regard, thanks to my “Namtip” Coca-Cola Thailand made clean drinking water, it helps my body energy back to its normal level.

By watching the program of Mr. Charlie Rose in Bloomberg TV he featured the non-profit activity of Mr. Matt Damon in UN regarding the water management in Africa were people are being supplied with clean water to drink and also water to be used in their farm land.  I was so inspired to apply the concept of supplying clean water in my ASEAN community not only to my daily routine cardio and muscle work-out. 

Clean water projects needs huge investment capital to develop and conduct research for the technology and machines to convert top-water to a clean drinking water.  For this fact, multi-national companies like Coca-Cola conceived that drinking water is more important than Cola drinks in the near future.  As people in ASEAN community are more aware of their health, it is but timely to consider the big business of clean water.
In the near future, clean water comes from water management technology and research innovation.  Without innovation… there is no water in the future.
THANKS Matt Damon for the inspiration