Mars Exploration; Social Integration

As the mars exploration continues, the universe is watching every capture of the rover's camera.  People on earth are as always excited to new discoveries and frontiers.   Since the exploration of Columbus and other famous legends in exploration man always evolve in social adaptability and way of life.

As what others conceived, life on earth is hard and difficult to survive.  From population explosion to famine, pandemics to tribal wars it seems that the world is too small for human's daily activities.  On the contrary, what will happen for humans if we migrate to mars.  Government policies on earth are always in conflict were slow implementation is the root cause of saving human's ill population.  To infer, we can probably assume that mars government can be more refine; govt. taxes can be set as low rates minimizing govt. spending and utilizing the planet's (Mars) rich energy supply.  I'd assume that social interaction in mars in the near future is more closer were people with different Ideology can meet together in "Starbucks Mars" for a morning coffee. After the morning coffee people can ride the "flying toyota car" to the vast "mars golf courses" for a few swings. But how soon can we realize all these exploration fantasies.  I believe people must prepare things that will alter the basic living here on earth to the new home in mars.  Simple daily routines like food preparation, gardening, and natural consumption of humans in general must be addressed.  As the Japanese vegetable products are famous with their fresh and safe produce, the future population in Mars  must generate an identical production of natural food products to sustain and satisfy the natural biological need of humans.
By believing the theory of evolution, we can conceptualize the effect of humans living in Mars.  From day one to eternity biological and physiological evolution of humans might be possible to occur due to a strong variables of the natural environment in Mars.   The chemical content of water (if available), air, and soil will affect greatly to the biological adaptation of human beings.  At this time, rich capitalist companies must invest more in researching the way of human life in mars.  Every aspect and basic details of human's natural living on earth must be copied identically to preserve mankind. Possible negative notions will arise from the chemical reaction of the environment in mars, natural biological mutation will be affected.   The possibility of "super humans" will arise with respect to the concept of the "theory of evolution" that living things will adopt from their environment.  Remembering from the great odyssey of Sir Charles Darwin, that a certain bird species living in different location creates a difference in body structure.
The conceptualization of all the theories acquired relevant to the human migration in Mars will leave a new research question for the intellect, but on the contrary it will create fear, anxiety, and misinterpretation to people in-gulf  with their untheorized beliefs, notions, and religions.
"To dream the impossible dream" in Mars