Cyber Cold War; Affecting E-business

As world governments are all connected through fiber optic  highways the threat of data espionage has a big chance for almost all nations.  In contrary the commerce sector is in a parallel threat were by business transactions are having international relationships with the government's legal policies.  If this events will arise a massive collateral damage will affect in international business communication.  Preparedness for each countries IT infrastructure is needed to preserve the E-business information.
The importance of IT infrastructure to our daily work creates a new area of knowledge accumulation  were by nations who are executing internet espionage knows its importance to gather knowledge from it.  The next generation cold war involves everyone without noticing its intense impact and affect to all areas of our daily life.
In contrary, as internet laws are being ratified and improved in an international context the urgency for it is needed to salvage nations who are a victim of cyber espionage.  As the evolution of internet usage is rapidly affecting our daily living both in a positive and negative way we can still say that internet usage is needed in different aspects of our lives.  The present generation depicts the scenario when the first automobile was invented.  We can still recall basing it from history that the rate of accidents per year is so high were in academicians are continuing to find new scientific solutions to lower accident percentages.  Sit belts are invented, brake systems are upgraded, and   traffic regulations are reviewed to fit the complexities of urbanization and the new car technology.
Indeed, we can see the parallelism for each cases that when new innovations will arise adjustments towards the society is felt.  Embracing new changes in the society will lessen the traumatic dilemma caused by technological ignorance and avoidance.